Team RG thrives on our motto “Work Hard Outside.”  It’s truly the pride of daily accomplishment and the sense of camaraderie with each other and our clients that motivates us to do extremely difficult physical labor day in and day out for neighbors to help them with their projects at their homes.

Each team member is ready to listen, problem-solve and sweat to get projects done so they’re built to last!

Meet the Team RG Members:

In the midst of a national addiction crisis, Team RG is supporting recovery and life-skills for the community.  We are networked with local treatment centers to identify people who can bring energy and skills to our team and benefit themselves from daily positive accomplishment and a supportive environment.  This has been a meaningful overlay to our environmental mission!

Eric — Project Guru — 2 Years with Team RG — A climber and artist with a passion for perfection.  His everyday-best day philosophy translates to project excellence.

John — Left-Tenant Landscape — 6 Months with Team RG — Military  experience integrates logistics with personnel to get-er-done.

Steve — Beast from the East #2 — 1 Year with Team RG — The sly smile means all can be handled with understated deft-of-hand.

Larry — By Any Means Necessary — 11 Years with Team RG — Street-smarts and a focus on the BIG picture means everything fits into place in the end.

Quentin — Master Artisan — 11 Years with Team RG — Everyone wants Q on their crew. No matter the type of project, excellence of craft, economy of means and whatever-it-takes strength gets delivered.

Stevie — Project Master — 6 Years with Team RG — Stevie brings midwestern work-ethic and a passion for plants and a rare personal integrity and unparalleled loyalty to the team and clients.

Mark — Project Muscle — 2 Years with Team RG — “Big Country” embodies a gentle-giant with ranch-hand-know-how on all aspects of project implementation.